6 Palm Sunday Activities Preschoolers Love


Today I’d like to share with you some simple, yet super-fun activities
that you can use during your Palm Sunday services. These activities
have been specially designed with preschoolers in mind, so you can
communicate the events of Palm Sunday in a way that they will

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Let’s get started!


1. Bible Time:  Jesus enters Jerusalem
(Matthew 21:1-11)

Supplies: Bible, paper palm branches (can be
made out of green construction paper)

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Have children sit in a circle. Open your Bible to Matthew 21,
and show children the words. Give each child a paper palm

Say: Today’s Bible passage tells us that Jesus
deserves our praise. When Jesus lived on earth, some people praised
him by waving palm branches and shouting, “Hosanna!” Do you think
you can jump up and wave your palm branch every time I sayhosanna?
Let’s try it. Hosanna!
Encourage children to jump up, wave
their palm branches, and then sit back down.

The people were excited; a parade was coming! This
wasn’t just any parade-the celebration was for Jesus! Jesus was
riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. As Jesus passed by, the people
shouted, “Hosanna!”
Pause for the children to jump up and
wave their palm branches and then sit back down.

Many of the people knew that Jesus was a very special
person. They thought he was special because he did so many good
things and because they had been waiting for him to come for a long
time. The people took off their coats and spread them on the ground
for the donkey to walk on. Then they shouted, “Hosanna!”Pause for
the waving of palm branches.The people waved their palm branches
and again shouted, “Hosanna!”
Have children jump up and
wave the palms and then sit back down.

Someone asked, “Who is that?” The people answered,
“This is Jesus, who comes in the name of the
Have children jump up and wave the palms
and then sit back down.


• What do you think of the way the people celebrated

• What can you do to celebrate Jesus?

Say: The people celebrated and praised Jesus because he
was so special. We want to praise Jesus, too. Jesus deserves our


2. Bible Experience: Hosanna Hop

Supplies: jackets, paper palm branches

Ask the children to help you prepare the “road” for Jesus by
spreading the jackets along a pretend path. Encourage children to
take turns trotting or galloping down the road. While one child is
taking a turn going down the road pretending to be Jesus, encourage
the rest of the children to line up beside the road with their palm
branches. Have kids wave their palm branches and shout,


• How do you think the people felt as they were praising

• How does it make you feel to praise

Say: Jesus is holy. He is the Son of God. He deserves
all honor and glory. Jesus deserves our praise.


3. Craft: Praise Castanets

Supplies: 1½x8-inch strips of cardboard, 2 soda
caps per child, glue, markers

Give each child a strip of cardboard. Encourage kids to decorate
one side of the cardboard using markers. Help kids each fold the
strip in half and then glue the soda caps inside (top side down),
one inch from the ends of the cardboard strip. Allow a short drying
time. Show children how to hold the folded cardboard between their
thumb and forefinger to tap the caps together, then release it and
repeat. As they play their castanets, have them sing this praise
song to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell.”


Jesus is the king.

Jesus is the king.

We praise him with our song today.

Jesus is the king!


• How did the people in today’s lesson praise

• Why do you think it’s important to sing praises to

• How can we show Jesus that he is our

Say:The people in today’s story rejoiced when Jesus came
to their town. They were happy to see him. We show other people
that Jesus is king when we worship him, give him our love, and tell
others about him.


4. Prayer: Praise You, Lord

Supplies: masking tape

Create a “road” with masking tape on the floor.

Have kids join you in singing this prayer to the tune of “Row,
Row, Row Your Boat.” Encourage children to walk down the road as
they sing a prayer of praise to their Lord Jesus.


Praise, praise, praise you, Lord.

How wonderful you are!

And we want to give you praise.

We pray in Jesus’ name.


5. Snack: Crunchy Path

Supplies: graham crackers, green-colored
vanilla icing, round chocolate candies, teddy bear crackers,
plastic knives

Encourage kids to wash their hands before they prepare their
snacks, and make sure the snack area is clean. Have them each use a
graham cracker to make a section of the road that Jesus and the
donkey traveled. Have them spread icing on graham crackers, then
place the graham crackers in a row on the table, as bricks on the
road. Have children make a crowd by lining both sides of the road
with teddy-bear crackers. Then have them drop the round chocolate
candies along the path as the donkey’s footsteps.

Invite someone to say a prayer thanking Jesus for being our
king. Then let kids eat the goodies they’ve made!


6. Song:  Royal Road

Supplies: masking tape, broom

Make a masking tape road on the floor. Provide a broom for the
children to turn upside-down and take turns riding as if it were a

Teach children the song “Jesus Came” to the tune of “Yankee
Doodle.” Then let kids take turns riding on the “donkey” up one
side of the road and down the other. Encourage the other children
to follow behind and sing the song while marching and clapping.
When everyone has had a turn riding the donkey, have the group sit
in a circle.


Jesus came into the town

A-riding on a donkey.

Clap and sing and shout and praise

To Jesus who sure loves us!

Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Jesus is our king!

Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Jesus is our king!

Say: It’s fun to sing songs to Jesus. Jesus is the
greatest king in the whole world, and we can give him our


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What do you have planned for Palm Sunday? Let us know using the
comment section below!


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    I love palm sundays so fun for preschool We made a cardboard bos donkey the kids get into and walk on a road and other kids wave palm branches at them fun!!!

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    These are all fun ideas. We are just starting out so all your ideas are so helpful. My God Bless you as you continue to devote your talents and time ministering to helping those teaching children. All easy and fun ideas.


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