5 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Jesus’ Crucifixion


I have a friend and co-worker who has two wonderful
little girls. We were talking about Easter when she told me her
girls are always taken aback by the topic of Jesus’
crucifixion-when pictures of Jesus’ beaten body appear, her girls
start to worry.
The crucifixion is an important part of Easter. So how can we
effectively share what happened to help kids comprehend the
significance without overloading them? Here are five ways to talk
to your kids about Jesus’ crucifixion.

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  1. Age Appropriate. Here’s a simple tip to start
    with-don’t focus on what younger kids can’t understand. For younger
    age levels, focus on the result of Jesus’ death rather than the
    details of it.
  2. Watch Your Words. Lisa Strnad wrote
    an article
    about talking with kids about Jesus’ crucifixion. In
    it she says, “Using language that they understand, start talking to
    your kids about what happened to Jesus on Good Friday. Keep in mind
    that too much graphic detail isn’t necessary to convey His act of
    love and sacrifice.”
  3. Explain Sin. Discussions onJesus’ death on the
    cross should coincide with sin. Laura Kuehn posted an
    article on Cornerstones for Parents
    on the subject. She says,
    “Without an understanding of sin, our children can’t appreciate the
    significance of what Jesus did for us on Good Friday and
    Easter. You can explain that the word sin simply
    means all the things we do wrong (including big and little
    things).” Follow up by reminding them that Jesus was perfect.
  4. Welcome Questions. You may have heard about
    Easter your whole life and can recall the events with your eyes
    closed. But your audience may have never heard what Easter is all
    about. Go slowly and be ready to answer questions…any questions.
    Questions only kids can come up with. And don’t be afraid to
    explain that you don’t know an answer. Just make sure to follow up
    the next week!
  5. Show Why. Here’s a quick but powerful activity
    Buzz editor Ali
    Thompson suggested about explaining to kids why Jesus died on the
    cross. Give kids sticky notepads and ask them to write down things
    they have done wrong and stick the notes on themselves. As they
    stick, you should quickly come by, take their papers and stick them
    on you. This leads the way to a discussion on how Jesus took on our

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