5 Ways to Boost Your Easter Egg Hunt


EasterAt the time of my writing this, we have only about
four weeks until Easter is here. For many of us, that means
preparing for the annual Easter egg hunt. The hunt can be one of
the greatest community outreach events for your ministry, so it’s
important to give it to God. Make sure to pray over the event for
guidance and impact. That’s the best tip I can give you.

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If you are looking for ways to give your hunt an extra boost,
we’ve found five cool ideas that you can implement for this year’s


1. Egglo Entertainment- Who said Easter
egg hunts have to take place in the middle of the day? The night
owls over at Egglo Entertainment have created these
glow-in-the-dark eggs with crosses on them. The idea? Jesus is the
light in this dark world-too cool! Pick up a few dozen eggs for use
at night (or to use in a dark room if it rains on your hunt). Egglo
also sells curriculum and other fun items to go with the eggs, so
check them out!

Easter Resurrection Buns
Make these buns the night
before your Easter egg hunt to serve as a delicious treat with a
special meaning. Children will enjoy biting into these buns to find
that they’re empty-just as Jesus’ tomb was empty on Easter morning.
(Hollow chocolate eggs work well for this activity too!)

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3. An
Easter Journey
How about taking the families that
attend your Easter egg hunt on an amazing journey? This is a
step-by-step guide to taking your attendees on an adventure they
will never forget. From Lazarus’ house to the tomb, families will
travel back in time and experience Jesus with multisensory

4. Easter
Egg Prayers
Here’s an idea that I’ve used with the
kids in my ministry. Tell the Easter story using items you’ve
hidden in plastic eggs. You can give God thanks for each part of
the Easter story you uncover. Just make sure you label the eggs so
you know what order to open them in!

Rock-n-Roll Easter Event Kit
Rock-n-Roll Easter
Event: Where the Rock Rolled Away From the Tombis simply amazing.
Everything-and I mean everything-about the Rock-n-Roll Easter Event
points people to one thing: celebrating Jesus Christ. Every visitor
will fully engage with the amazing gospel message in a variety of
unforgettable ways using games, music, crafts, snacks, and
activities. And I love the egg-cellent mascots Eggbert, Shelldun,
and Sunny!


What egg-citing plans do you have for your ministry this Easter?
Do you do an annual hunt or do you do something different? How many
of you team up with other ministries or organizations to pull off a
massive hunt? How much money do you spend on candy? Share with us
your plans, and any tips and tricks you want to pass on, in the
comment section below!


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  1. Children's Ministry Magazine

    I love the "Journey with Jesus" idea, and will definitely think about doing that next year… perhaps next year we can pair that with a night~time egg hunt? I love the idea of walking families through with Lanterns… how cool would that be!!! Last year, and this year, we are doing "All around Easter" (6 Faith & Discovery Stations) it works great, & is available through Group.

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