5 Things You Could Buy for Your Ministry if You Had $1 Million



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Just in case you are having trouble coming up with your wish list,
here are five incredibly expensive, but totally cool things to buy
for your ministry if you had $1 million burning a hole in your
pocket. Hey, we can dream right?Who isn’t guilty of daydreaming
about what they would do with a million dollars? I know I am!
Luckily, we serve a God who meets all our needs! But, what if you
were to be given a cold, hard million dollars that youhad to spend
in your ministry within the next week? No saving it or giving it


  1. The Productivity Boosting Nap Pod
    Are you tired volunteers that are running out of creativity? Get
    your volunteers back into high gear with the Productivity Boosting
    Nap Pod! Taking 20 minute naps in this relaxing pod can boost
    concentration by 34 percent. The pod plays ambient music and gently
    wakes sleepers up with light and vibration. Cost: $16,000

    (Or you could try  these 20 volunteer
    leadership tips
  2. 3 Carat Diamond Pacifier
    You want parents to know that your nursery is going
    to take extra special care of their little ones. Nothing says “We
    love your baby” like giving them a pacifier crafted of 278
    diamonds. Just be careful…at 1 pound, don’t let them drop the
    pacifier! Cost: $17,000 each
    (Or you could make sure your nursery has  what new
    parents really need
  3. The Authentic Water Blast Arcade Game
    How many tokens did you spend as a kid playing this
    carnival game? The idea is simple, spray water into a tiny target
    to help light up your side of the board first. Your kids will have
    a blast playing this water game! Cost: $11,000 each
    (Or you can try these 
    free water games
     that kids love!)
  4. Red Beard’s Revenge Pirate Ship

    How many times do we read about a boat or ship in the Bible? So,
    what better way to get kids really experiencing the Bible than this
    ship playhouse? And next time the youth pastor is taking up the
    meeting room, just use the captain’s quarters. It can fit three to
    four seated adults! Cost: $52,000
    (Or you could use our easy to prep and lead lessons on Jesus calming the
    the Apostle
    Peter the
  5. Water-Powered Jetpack
    We know what it can be like. You have a meeting
    before and after children’s church, you have to take care of two
    different rooms, and you left some supplies at home. As a
    children’s minister, you’re called upon to be in two places at
    once, so why not help take the stress out of the situation with
    this jet pack. Sure, it spews water everywhere, but you’ll be
    traveling around your church at a steady 32 miles per hour.
    Cost: $99,500
    (Or you could read our  tips on keeping your
    head above water
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 What would you buy if you had a million dollars to spend?
Let us know in the comment section below!

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David has served kids around the world for the majority of his life. From Texas to Romania, he has followed where God has led him. Most recently, he served for six years as a children's director in the great state of Alabama before moving to Colorado to work for Group as an associate editor.

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  1. Children's Ministry Magazine
    Vanessa Myers on

    I don't want anything huge, I just want my own building for the children's ministry! Haha!! A building that includes a gym with a stage, kitchen, and many classrooms. We currently share space with our preschool so I am not able to do all that I would like in those classrooms. Our church owns a 1 acre field, but with the debt of a new sanctuary, we are unable to build anything. Maybe one day……

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