5 Super Messy Games for Your Ministry



If you’re in children’s ministry, you
can’t be afraid to get messy. From slime fights to shaving cream
wars, I’ve seen my fair share of mess in the name of ministry. With
the nice spring weather, plan a day for your kids to get outside,
have some messy fun, and learn about God in the process. Have
parents bring old clothes they don’t mind getting dirty, because
here are five messy games for your ministry.


1. Paint Twister-Grab a few Twister games from a
thrift shop (or make your own by drawing dots on a tarp) and buy
some washable paint to put on the dots. This colorful version of
the classic body-twisting game is loads of fun. I love the idea of
connecting the paint to sin. When it’s time to wash off with a hose
and some soap, remind kids the water represents Jesus’ forgiveness
for us. Use 1 Corinthians 6:11 or Psalm 51:2 as the Bible

2. “Snowball” Toss Game-This fun game by Mari Hernandez-Tuten looks like a
blast. With simple materials: shaving cream, Styrofoam balls, and
shower caps, players try to get “snowballs” to stick on top of
other players’ heads. I can see many applications with this. If you
first have kids try to play without the shaving cream, the
“snowballs” will roll right off their heads. Adding the shaving
cream will help the “snowballs” stick. Then you can tie it into how
we need to stick close to God, or how we can do things with God
that we couldn’t before, or even how we should keep God’s word in
our minds.

3. Messy Play-How fun does this look!? Make, Do, and Friend created this messy
concoction out of waterbeads and goop (starch and water). In our
field tests, kids absolutely love waterbeads (we call them Silly
Spheres around here). Mixing them with goop apparently creates a
brittle material. Let kids play with it, then after it solidifies
compare it to a real, hard rock. You can show that what the world
has to offer breaks under pressure, but what God offers us last

4. Slip and Slide-I’ve always wished for a birthday party like this kid had. I’m not even
talking about when I was a kid, I mean I hope someone plans this
for my next birthday! This mom pulled out all the stops and had one
messy party. At one point, all she needed was a trampoline and
shaving cream to create a slippery floor kids loves to try to stand
on. Try it out yourself (with a tarp if you don’t have a
trampoline). You can have a discussion with older kids about how we
can stand strong for God and talk about what things makes us slip
in fall in our faith.

5. Anger
-This bubble-blowing contest is a game younger kids will
love. Refer to James 1:19 as the Scripture to help kids will learn
how blowing bubbles relates to how we control our anger.


Do you have any messy games you want to share?
Tell us all about it using the comment section below!


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