5 Reasons Why Laughter Is the Best Medicine


Blog 7.25“Joy in
one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the
person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.”
- American
journalist Hugh Sidey

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How many times do you laugh each day? I think we could all use a
little more laughter in our lives. Sure, sometimes humor can be
distorted. People use it to hurt others and some go dark and
perverse with it, but comedy can still be good, clean fun.
Sometimes things can get you down. Life is full of stress, grief,
and heartache. But oftentimes, it’s better to laugh than cry.
 Laughter really is the best medicine, and here are some
reasons why:


1. God loves it. I believe that God loves to
see us laugh. When I was younger, I saw Christian comedian and
singer Mark
in concert. I bought one of his books, and in it he talks
about God and humor. Something I read has stuck with me to this
day. Explaining why he thinks God enjoys seeing us laugh, he said,
“What healthy father doesn’t love to hear his children laugh?”
While there are certainly times to get serious, I believe God
enjoys hearing laughter in the middle of fellowship.

2. It keeps us healthy. God  made laughing
good for us. Research shows that laughter plays an important role
in both physical and mental health. According to HelpGuide.org, laughing helps boost immunity,
decrease pain, lower stress, relax mood, and ease anxiety.

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3. It can help us learn. We all learn and
remember more when there is an emotional attachment  to a
lesson. Think back on your life. The times you recall the quickest
are probably times you were laughing or crying. The American Psychological Association also says
that laughter can lead to better learning. Although the APA says
it’s possible to overdo it, your lessons will stick with your kids
better if they are having fun.

4. It can bridge gaps. Sometimes the shortest
distance between two people is a joke. Members of the Christian Comedy Association know that, and
many of their members present faith-based truths in a form that can
reach people in a unique, inviting way. They use laughter as a
tool, and so can you.

5. It keeps life in perspective. HelpGuide.org also brings up this point. When a
problem comes your way, how do you handle it? Don’t stress, lighten
up! Ask yourself if it is really that bad and worth getting upset
over.  Breathe, laugh, and look at the problem as an
opportunity. A good sense of humor will help you keep going and
keep your team from stressing.


Here are two challenges for  you this week. First, help
your team grow closer together by doing something to make them
laugh. Tell a joke, share a story, play a game, or ask them if
something funny has happened recently. Second, when you hear your
kids laugh, find out what’s so funny. Join them in their laughter
and let them put a smile on your face!

The most important thing to do is to smile. Remember where your
joy comes from and who is in control. Doing so will help you laugh
at anything life throws at you.


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David has served kids around the world for the majority of his life. From Texas to Romania, he has followed where God has led him. Most recently, he served for six years as a children's director in the great state of Alabama before moving to Colorado to work for Group as an associate editor.

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