5-Minute Messages: I Can Help


Theme: Helping
Text: Mark 2:1-5
Preparation: You’ll need several objects or toys
such as balls or stuffed animals.

The Message: (Form two groups.) Those
of you in the first group, sit down and cover your eyes. Your goal
is to stand up and walk to the rear of the room and back without
taking your hands off your eyes. How could those of you in the
second group help the people in the first group? (Allow kids in
the second group to help the children in the first group accomplish
their task. Then have all of them return to the front of the room.
Lay the objects on the ground.

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Those of you in the second group, pick up an object from the
ground without using your hands. After a minute, I’ll let the
people in the first group help you.

(Read the Scripture.) How did you feel when you had to
walk with your eyes closed? to pick up something without using your
hands? How are those feelings like or unlike the feelings the
paralytic may have had? How did you feel when your friends helped
you? when you helped your friends? How can you help your friends or
family this week?

Let’s pray. Jesus, help us be good helpers this week.

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5-Minute Messages: I Can Help
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