5-Minute Messages: God Cares for Us


Here’s a fun and easy children’s message using finger
puppets to drive home the meaning of this fun kid’s Bible

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Theme: Love
Text: 1 John 4:9-12
Preparation: You’ll need a puppet, a heart-shaped
candy box, and a Bible.

The Script

Chadwick: I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in
love, I’m in love.

Leader: Ooh, Chadwick is in love! Well, tell us
what she looks like.

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Chadwick: I wrote a poem about her: Her eyes
are like stars that glisten at night. Her hair is like velvet, oh
what a sight. Her lips are like marshmallows-gooshy and sweet. The
best part about her is that she loves me!

Leader: Sounds like a cute one to me!

Chadwick: Oh, she is!

Leader: Are you going to give her the poem?

Chadwick: Not this one, but I’m going to write
her a love letter. (to children) Will you help me?

Leader: Sure we will. Have you started yet?

Chadwick: Dearest darling, sweetheart, honey.
I, Chadwick Chester Chipmunk III…That’s as far as I’ve gotten.
What should I put next?

Leader: I love you.

Chadwick: Oh, I love you, too.

Leader: Well, I mean, why don’t you tell her
you love her?

Chadwick: Oh, okay, that sounds pretty
good…then what?

Leader: (to children) What else should Chadwick
tell his sweetheart? (Wait for responses.)

Leader: Do you know that God has sent a love
letter to you? Yes, he has. (Open up a heart-shaped candy box to
reveal a Bible inside. Read the Scripture.) God loves you very
much-even more than Chadwick loves his girlfriend…and God loves
you more than anyone else on earth loves you. Let’s thank God for
loving us so much.

(Close in prayer.)

Emeta Kraemer
Mesa, Arizona


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