5 Free Apps for Your Children’s Ministry


AppsChildren’s ministry? There’s an app for that!

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Technology is great, but sometimes there’s so
much to shift though that finding the right tools for the job can
be intimidating. We’ve browsed though the app stores in search of
the best downloads for giving your ministry a digital boost. Here
are five great apps that you and your volunteers should check out


  1. Is It Contagious? -Not sure what that rash is
    on Johnny’s arm? This app from the experts at KidsHealth can
    help. The “Is It Contagious?” app has information on more than 85
    different conditions. The app provides picture references, guidance
    about when to seek immediate care, and information about how
    contagious the condition is. Now you can know when it’s safe for
    Johnny to stay and when the parents need to be called to pick him
    up. Available on Android and IOS.
  2. ApparentApparent is an
    easy and convenient way to share information with your circle of
    parents in a secure format. The app was designed for parents who
    want to create play dates for their kids, but it could also be used
    by children’s ministries to share kids’ craft ideas and arrange for
    fun get-togethers. Available now for IOS; coming soon to Android and Windows
  3. Max 7 – Built from the free ministry resource
    website Max 7,
    this app puts curriculum, videos, music, training materials, and
    much more right at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a
    little something extra to add to your plans―or you’re starting from
    scratch―there’s something here for everyone. Available for Android and IOS.
  4. Pinterest – Last week we talked about how Pinterest can
    be an amazing resource for gathering ideas; but many ministries are
    also using it as a social media bulletin board. Using the official
    Pinterest app, you can post pictures of crafts for home devotions
    and keep parents informed about upcoming lessons. Available on Android and IOS. (Don’t forget to check out our own Children’s Ministry Magazine Pinterest
  5. Dropbox – A great tool that I personally use,
    helps you share files, photos, and videos among your volunteers.
    You can get up to 18 GB of space for free, with more space
    available for a monthly fee. Using Dropbox, your volunteers will
    always have whatever you need to give them right on their phones.
    Available for Android and IOS.


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    Thanks for sharing the Apps. Those of us in the developing world need to make effort and get digital as well. It is the best way to go.

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