First-Day Memories of Being in Children’s Ministry


The first day of school is a big day. We’ve all seen the adorable pictures that proud parents post on Facebook of their children going to their first day of school. Remember when you were just beginning on your ministry journey? What it was like in your first year? First months? First days? Remember how it all began?

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First day of being a children’s minister Celia2

You felt the call, you applied for the job, and after numerous interviews, you got the job. But you never imagined all the work behind the scenes-creating a balanced budget, fitting events in on the church’s calendar, meeting with the church leaders, completing all that paperwork!


Children's Ministry Local Training

First day a parent yelled at me
You tried your best, but you quickly learned that you can’t please everyone all the time. You love your kids so much, and it frustrates you that you can’t help this parent see that. It doesn’t matter if it was your fault or not, you have to try to smooth this relationship out…as soon as this parents stops yelling.



First night I helped at a lock-in

“It will be easy,” you thought. “We’ll wear them down with so much fun, they’ll sleep like babies,” you thought. Then 3 a.m. comes, the kids are still up, and your head count shows four have gone off somewhere. And suddenly that 24-hour fast food restaurant down the street is looking better and better.

Interns in Children's Ministry: A Complete Plan



First day of holding a weeping child

What do you say to a child who’s just told you his parents are going to get a divorce? How do you explain to a child that the words the bullies say are just a sign that they need love, too? What can you do when a child loses her grandparent? You knew a time like this was coming, and you pray to God that your words can be a comfort and help show this little one God’s love.


First day I witnessed a child accepting Jesus

The messy crafts that didn’t go right. The late Saturday night trips to the store for supplies. The lock-ins, the yelling parents, the paperwork…it’s all been worth it. This child understands what it means to have Jesus be a forever friend. Thank you, God!


What are some of your “first-day memories?” Share with us using the comment section below!

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