5 Easter Snacks for Your Ministry


Easter -snacksIt’s time to toss your
cookies and ditch the carrot sticks. Retire the old refreshments
and upgrade your munchies. Take your Easter snacks to the next
level with these cool ideas. These snacks are fun to make, fun to
eat, and will leave your kids wanting more.

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  1. CrossesPretzel Crosses-I love it
    when you can incorporate the Bible into snack time and over at Almost Unschoolers there are some great Easter
    treats that can help kids remember what they discovered about
    Easter. My favorite are the dipped pretzel crosses. They’re so
    simple to make and can easily be used to start up a discussion
    about Easter.
  2. PeepsPeep Casserole-I love Peeps. I love
    putting them in a microwave and watching them expand, and then
    stopping it right before they explode and eating the gooey remains
    right away. So when I saw this amazing snack over at The Party Animal, I
    had to share it with you. Warning: It’s not the healthiest snack,
    and your kids will be jumping off the walls…but it’s really
  3. HealthyHealthy Easter Bunny-OK, that last one may have been a little too
    extreme for some of you. For those who would rather not give their
    kids a five-hour sugar rush, try this fruit-face snack from The Prime Pursuit.
    Here are instructions to make your own bunny or chick with fruit,
    veggies, and other healthy snacks.
  4. AliveJesus is Alive-Time and money not on
    your side? Here is a super-quick and super-cheap Easter snack that
    focuses on the empty tomb. Brought to us by Decorating by day, all you need is a doughnut,
    an Oreo, and a graham cracker.
  5. EggsEaster Eggs in Brownie Nests-This fun snack by the people at Babble is a hit
    with chocolate lovers. Younger kids will love placing the eggs in
    the nest, and you can talk with your older kids about the
    connection between eggs, the new life they bring, and how we can be
    born again.


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