5 Earth Day Crafts Using Recycled Material


Blog 8.17FixedWhile Earth Day (April 22) isn’t based in
Christianity, its focus is something we can get behind. When God
created Earth, he said that we should take part in caring for

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The following Earth Day crafts- found on
Pinterest-all use recycled material. Not only will your kids be
helping care for the earth by repurposing things instead of sending
them to the trash, you can also use the idea of recycling to talk
about Jesus’ transforming powers.


1. Cardboard Bouquet – On her blog, Lindsey shares
this amazing cardboard flower craft. Using paper
tubes, pipe cleaners, and some paint, this is a beautiful way to
stop cardboard from entering the trash dump.

2. Cardboard Butterflies – If you have leftover
paper rolls from the previous craft, why not make some fancy
butterflies to fly around the flowers? You can purchase recycled
paper rolls, but you could ask parents to bring in paper towel
rolls and just cut them in half.

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3. Robot Pencil Holder – Just looking at this craft has me coming up with tons of ways
to decorate a can. Originally designed to be a pencil holder, I can
see this easily becoming a coin bank or candy cup.

4. Egg Crate Worms – I remember making these silly
worms when I was a child. Let kids’ imaginations run wild with all
sorts of craft supplies and see what wacky worms they can

5. Giraffe Puppet – Inspired by a book about a
giraffe who learns we are all good at something, Red Ted Art shows us how to make a giraffe
marionette using toilet paper rolls and paper. Younger kids will
need some adult help, but the challenge will be just right for
older kids.


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What do you have planned for Earth Day? How do
you tie Earth Day back to Jesus? Share with us using the comment
section below!


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