4 Ways Not to Be a Ministry Goon on Social Media


Istock _000022218048xsmallIt’s sometimes amusing-and
sometimes just painful-to see how ministers use technology.

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With the proliferation of social media such as Twitter and
Facebook, many people in ministry devote loads of time spraying
cyberspace with their words and pictures.

Used well, social media involvement can enhance ministry and
help to connect with people. Used poorly, these attempts make
ministers look like goons.

I enjoy following some ministry people on social media sites.
Others I’ve dropped.

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Here, from the perspective of a reader of your posts and tweets,
are a few tips to use social media with flair and ministry

1. Be a real person. Drop the
professional, all-put-together Christian facade. Your people need
to see how an authentic believer does life. Write about your
family, your foibles, your fun times, your failures. Share a full
spectrum of real life-your joys, your sorrows, your doubts, your

2. Don’t be a guru. You don’t have to be
the one with all the answers. Stop tweeting that endless stream of
religious one-liners. Relax, the Book of Proverbs has already been
written. Instead, ask some thought-provoking questions-that you
don’t already know the answer to.

3. Be a friend. They don’t call it
“social” media for nothing. Post stuff you’d mention in
conversation with a good friend. If you desire to touch people’s
lives, be in relationship with them. Interact with them. “Like”
their posts. Retweet their gems.

4. Don’t be a huckster. It’s okay to
sometimes mention a church event, or something you’ve written, or a
product you love. But do more than build your brand. And refrain
from picking a political fight-unless, of course, you really want
to alienate half of your congregation.

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And if you don’t really care to engage in social media, that’s
just fine too. Use the time to sit face-to-face with a real person.
Be social.

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