4 Fun Self-Esteem Boosters


Give your kids a positive shot in the arm with these

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If there’s one thing kids need today, it’s an immunity to low
self-esteem. Many children are so infected by poor self-esteem that
they’re unable to say anything positive about other children or
themselves. Use these self-esteem boosters from Group’s new book
Esteem-Builders for Children’s Ministry to inoculate your kids
against negativism. Kids will enjoy doing them, and they’ll walk
away with a healthier view of themselves.

Make a yarn circle on the floor that’s big enough for all the
children to stand in, yet small enough that they’ll have to stand
close together. Form a circle of children around the yarn circle 4
feet away from the yarn.

Say: This circle is for a special person in this room.
Let’s find out who belongs in this special circle. If you answer
“yes” to any question I ask, take a step toward the circle.

Encourage all of the children to move forward after each

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Ask: Does God love you? Is there something special and
different about you? Do you like to laugh and have fun? Do you make
mistakes sometimes? Can you think of something you know how to do,
such as jump on one foot across the room?

By this time, everyone should be inside the circle.

Say: Look at all the special people we have in our
classroom! You are all so special!

Give each child an apple to examine.

Ask: What’s special about apples? (Encourage children’s
creative responses.)

Say: There’s a secret inside every apple that you can’t
see unless you look inside. Watch to see what it is.

Cut open an apple from side to side. The core of the apple will
look like a star.

Ask: What makes you special on the inside? What’s special
about you that nobody can see?

Cut sheets of construction paper into three lengthwise strips
each. Put thick tempera paint in shallow pans. Have the children
dip the apple stars into the paint and stamp their paper strips.
Then have the children write or draw one thing that makes them

Form two teams. The object of this game is for teams to
“out-cheer” each other.

Play the game in rounds of competing cheers. Have teams take turns
cheering, “(Name), (name)! We like (name).”

Have each team fill in the blanks with the name of an opposing
team member; for example, “Bob, Bob! We like Bob.” At the end of
each round, applaud the loudest team.

Have the teams continue until everyone has been cheered.

Form a circle with enough chairs for all the children in your
class. Give each child a strip of masking tape and a marker. Have
children write their names on the tape and stick the tape to the
bottoms of their chairs.

Play a cassette tape of praise music and have children walk around
the outside of the circle. Stop the music after a few minutes. Have
children each sit in the chair closest to them and remove the tape
from the chair.

Then have each child say something positive about the child whose
name is on the tape, without saying who the child is. For example,
a child might say, “This person always shares” or “This person is
lots of fun to play soccer with.”

Have the other children guess who the person is. If the class
can’t guess who the person is in three tries, have the child who
gave the compliment reveal the person by sticking the masking tape
to his or her back.

Excerpted from Esteem-Builders for Children’s Ministry (Group

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