3 Wet and Wild Summer Games Kids Will Love

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To officially celebrate summer, here are three summer games that are a blast to play with kids in the summer sun!

Summer Splash This is a great, water-filled game sent in by one of our readers. The simple game begins with kids balancing a cup of water on their heads, and then leads into a thought-provoking time of considering how blessed we are and our Biblical obligation to help others.

Wacky Water Balloon Relay Sometimes the best games, are the simplest. Not only is this game super simple, it has all the fun of water balloons without kids actually hitting each other! Kids pass the water balloons around a circle as quick as they can. For an extra challenge, have kids only use their feet. I envision creative uses for this game in lessons about sharing or spreading God’s love.

Water Split Here’s another wet game that uses the verse Genesis 1:6-7 to remind kids that God created everything, including water! Here are some debriefing questions to go with the experience:What was the most challenging part of this game?Why do you think God made the world the way he did?What is your favorite thing that God created? Explain why. Close in prayer, thanking God for making the world for us to live in.

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If you’re looking for more summer fun, check out The Giant Book of Games. It’s crammed-packed full of games that have faith tie-ins and are just plain fun!

What do you like to do during the summer with your kids? What’s the craziest game your kids love to play? Share with us using the comment section below!

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