3 Ways to Pray


11.16Earlier this year,
Missouri voters approved an amendment that requires all public
schools to display the Bill of Rights, in addition to reaffirming
kids’ right to pray and acknowledge God while in school. It’s
called the “Right to Pray” amendment, and it seems to be causing
quite a stir.

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According to USA Today, “The language on [the] ballot stressed the rights of citizens to express their religious
beliefs and the rights of children to pray and acknowledge God in
schools. It also stated that students could be exempted from
classroom activities that violate their religious beliefs.”

I’m interested in hearing what you all think
about this. Is this a positive thing? Does this overstep any
boundaries? How would you vote on this issue, and why? Share your
thoughts in the comment section below.

Personally, I’m thankful Jesus gives us the
right to pray. It’s important for us to help our kids stretch their
spiritual muscles and help them become prayer warriors. Here are
three tips and tricks to help get kids praying for a lifetime.


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1. Start. If you’re looking for a place to
start teaching kids about prayer, there’s no better place to start
than seeing how the master does it. In the title="http://store.grouppublishing.com/OA_HTML/gpEntry.jsp?go=item&section=13114&minisite=10002&item=19883&originCat=Children%27s+Ministry">
Kids’ Travel Guide to the Lord’s Prayer
, kids not
only dig into each line of the Lord’s Prayer, they also find out
the answers to two big questions: What is prayer, and how should I
pray? One of my favorite activities involves temptation. Ask kids
to stand up, and then give them some fun noisemakers-but instruct
them not to make any noises. As you go around the room and have
kids name some things or situations that tempt them, have kids who
make any noise with their noisemakers sit down.

After the activity, ask kids what made it hard
or easy for them to resist the temptation to use their noisemaker.
Ask them if they are usually good at resisting temptation, and why
or why not. Finally, ask why is it sometimes hard to say no to
things that we know are wrong.

Remind kids that God can give us the strength
to do what is right.

2. Styles.Just as different kids enjoy
learning different ways, kids will enjoy trying out different
styles of prayer time. Change up your prayer time by having kids
listen to the words of a worship song while praying. Or have kids
start a prayer journal where they can write down their thoughts.
You can even incorporate prayer into a active game using the title="http://store.grouppublishing.com/OA_HTML/gpEntry.jsp?go=item&section=16822&minisite=10002&item=1564189&originCat=Children%27s+Ministry">
Throw and Tell® Prayer Ball
. Shake up your prayer
time and let kids pray in a way that they connect most with.

3. Seasonal.Here is a great craft/prayer
experience you can do that is perfect for the holidays. Get out
your craft supplies as well as some newsprint, or tear off long
sheets of paper if you happen to have access to a roll of paper.
Have kids think of things they are thankful for, and allow them to
draw and decorate their paper with those things. As they decorate,
have them say “Thanks, God, for the gift of…” Explain to kids that
Jesus is a special gift that God gave us. When kids are done with
the prayer craft, roll each child’s paper up in a tube and put a
rubber band around it. Now it can be used during Christmas as
thankfulness gift wrap. This idea came from the title="http://store.grouppublishing.com/OA_HTML/gpEntry.jsp?go=item&section=16783&minisite=10002&item=394&originCat=Children%27s+Ministry">
Pray & Play Bible for Young Children
. Make
sure to check it out! If you have older kids, check out the title="http://store.grouppublishing.com/OA_HTML/gpEntry.jsp?go=item&section=16806&minisite=10002&item=19313&originCat=Children%27s+Ministry">
Pray & Play Bible 2


Of course, it’s important for you to pray,
too! Make sure that you set aside some time in your busy schedule
to have some personal time with God.
Click here for some ideas to get you started.


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David Jennings

David has served kids around the world for the majority of his life. From Texas to Romania, he has followed where God has led him. Most recently, he served for six years as a children's director in the great state of Alabama before moving to Colorado to work for Group as an associate editor.


  1. Children's Ministry Magazine
    Helmut Egesa Wagabi on

    The bible commands all of to pray without ceasing and so everyone should be praying continuously (1 Thessalonians 5:17; Luke 18:1) whether at school or home. In restrictive environments where Christians are forbidden to pray in public, we can always take a few minutes during break time or lunch time and pray even from the bathrooms. In my country, Kenya, all public schools are secular but children are allowed to pray at the assembly before classes begin. The prayers are usually led by Christians.

  2. I think it is wonderful that children are able to pray when they want. God does not say that we have to pray out loud or make others join. As far as boundaries go, there is no overstepping here. It is overstepping when they take our right to pray/read the bible during “free” reading time. And NOT have it taken away. It is our right to pray as much as others right not to pray. I obviously support the “Right To Pray” amendment. Very excited about the stir! We need to stand strong.

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