3 Reasons I Can’t Wait Until the KidMin Conference


Our KidMin Conference is
a little more than a month away! Of course, there’s so much to do
between now and then, but I’m excited to get there and experience
all God has for us. If I boil down the 3 reasons I can’t wait until
the KidMin Conference, they all just happen to start with R.

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Relationships--We intentionally create our
conference to nurture and facilitate relationships. There are so
many wonderful friends that I’m eager to see–and new people I’m
hoping to meet. I can’t wait to whisk Danielle Bell away for dinner
and catch up with her. I’m eager to hug our amazing presenters! I’m
excited to meet all our keynotes that I don’t know yet–and
 learn more from them. I can’t wait to laugh with Lisa Burney,
Amy Bishop, and Kathleen Shrader–they crack me up! I want to
“party” with our Inside Track–as long as they keep it down this
year! There are so many more people I’m eager to connect

Rejuvenation--I don’t know about you, but I’m a
tad tired! I need the KidMin Conference to boost my motivation and
open my eyes to the “why” of my day-in-and-day-out labor. I need to
hear the stories of how God is moving in ministries across the
world. I need to pray with people who share my heart for reaching
children for Jesus! I need to see the thousands of people whose
hearts beat faster for the very things that make my heart speed up.
Not everyone in the world gets excited about REAL learning and kids
loving Jesus like we do.

Refreshing–I need to meet with my Savior in
some in-depth worship with the Brian Davis Band, All Sons and
Daughters, and Leeland. I need to disappear in the amazing things
God is going to do. I’ve felt led by God as we’ve “programmed” new
surprises for our general sessions to simply create an environment
for God to show up in personal and intimate ways with each person
there. I’m eager for God to show up for you–and for me. 

So there you go–the three Rs. Any preacher would be proud of my
alliteration! If you’re coming to KidMin, I can’t wait to see you!
If you haven’t yet signed up, check it out. It truly is four days
of in-depth training, authentic conversation, and renewed passion
that’ll transform your ministry.

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