3 Easy and Fun Bible Memory Activities


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Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31

Supplies: You’ll need a soft sponge ball.

Say: The Bible tells us, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” We’re going to learn Luke 6:31 as we do an activity together.

Gather the whole group in a large circle. Tell the kids that they are to throw the sponge ball to someone in the circle in exactly the way they would like to have the ball returned to them. The person who receives the ball will pass the ball back in a like manner. The original holder will return the ball to you. The two children will then be seated. Before the first thrower begins, the group will remind the person of the Scripture verse, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

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Before the second thrower returns the ball, the group will say, “Luke 6:31.” Kids will have fun using a warning tone of voice. Repeat the process until all the children have tossed or returned the ball.

Then have the partners sit together. Ask the following questions and have partners discuss them. Let the first thrower answer first.

  • How do you think the two of you did following directions? (Give a few seconds for the first partner to respond; then it’s the second partner’s turn.)
  • What are some reasons it might have been hard for the second person to return the ball in exactly the same way it was passed?
  • What were you thinking when you threw the ball?
  • Were you able to throw the ball in exactly the way you would have liked to? Why or why not?

Have each pair join with another pair to form a foursome. Have foursomes discuss these questions. Ask:

  • What happens when you are kind to someone and that person isn’t kind in return? (Pause.)
  • Does it change how you want to be treated? Why or why not?

Have the whole group join back together. When kids are settled, ask:

  • Are there any advantages to treating people as you want to be treated?
  • Can you think of any disadvantages?
  • From the Scripture we are memorizing, what do you think Jesus would want us to do?

Affirm all contributions, and then have all the children repeat Luke 6:31 together one more time.

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