21 Father’s Day Ideas for Your Children’s Ministry


Celebrate those amazing men in your church with these 21 Father’s Day ideas for your children’s ministry. Lessons, messages, crafts, gifts, and more!

father's day

Father’s Day Children’s Messages and Lessons

My Father, the Encourager Use this children’s message with children to focus on fathers and other men who encourage children.

Preschool Sunday School Lesson Use this great Preschool Sunday School lesson in your Sunday school.

Elementary Sunday School Lesson Use this great Sunday school lesson with elementary-age kids to help kids appreciate and honor their fathers.

Preteen Sunday School Lesson Use this free Sunday school lesson with preteens to help them honor their fathers. This Sunday school lesson is based on 2 Timothy 1:1-7.



Father’s Day Celebrations

3 Great Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day Help the boys in your ministry cultivate positive relationships with their fathers or the special men in their lives.

Fundraiser Here’s a new fundraiser twist on the old standby gift. Give your fathers ties that they’ve worn before!

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Father’s Day Picnic Invite all families (even those without fathers) to a special picnic on your church lawn or at a nearby park.

Father’s Day Tribute Father’s Day provides a great way to celebrate both our heavenly and our earthly fathers. Try this tribute to make this day memorable.

Father’s Day Fun Try these four fun ideas to make dads in your church feel special.



Great Gifts for Guys

Easy Crafts for 6 Different Kinds of Dads We found 6 easy crafts you can lead kids to make in your children’s ministry. No two dads are the same!

Father’s Day Cards Use these cards to honor the dads of little ones.

Craft: My Father’s Tie Remember the important role that our earthly father’s play in our lives with this craft.

Keepsake Craft  Help babies and toddlers create this heartwarming keepsake for dads.

My Little Hands Craft Have kids make this little handprint craft. Fathers will love it!

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