Family Devotion: 12 Days of Christmas


You can create this Family Devotion: 12 Days of Christmas kit to send home for families. Or give families the instructions. Either way, help families celebrate a Christ-centered Christmas with this Family Devotion: 12 Days of Christmas.

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What you’ll need for each family; a kit with a penny, paper clip, used staple, pebble, cotton ball, crumpled paper, heart sticker, thumbtack, aluminum foil, tissue, rubber band, string, and the below handout. In addition to the items provided, you’ll need an empty egg carton, wrapping paper, tape, scissors, a permanent marker, a flashlight, a pen, and a soup can.

  1. Place each item provided in the kit in its own slot of your empty egg carton. Cut a small circle of wrapping paper and tape it over each hole as a cover.
  2. Tell your child the egg carton is full of items that’ll help your family get to know Jesus, your Savior. Beginning 12 days before Christmas, have your child choose one of the egg carton slots to open each day. Your child may remove the paper and discover the item.
  3. Read the Scripture below and follow the directions for the item your child chooses.
    • Penny: Read Philippians 4:19. Have family members take turns naming a need God has supplied. See how long you can go before you run out of ideas!
    • Paper clip: Read Ephesians 2:13. Hook the paper clip to a keychain, zipper, or other item. Talk about how that resembles being united with Christ.
    • Staple: Read Romans 8:39. Talk about what a staple does, and how that compares with God’s love.
    • Pebble: Read Matthew 7:24-25. Try to flatten the pebble with your finger. Then set it out as a reminder that Jesus is your rock and your firm foundation.
    • Cotton ball: Read John 10:14-15. Use a permanent marker to draw a face on your cotton ball. Move the cotton ball around like a sheep, and make sheep noises. Talk about why sheep need shepherds.
    • Crumpled paper: Read Philippians 3:8-9. Throw the paper in the trash and call out reasons why Jesus is more valuable than anything else.
    • Heart sticker: Read Romans 5:8. Stick the sticker to something dirty, like a shoe. Talk about why you think Jesus would love us when we were still sinners.
    • Thumbtack: Read Isaiah 53:5. Gently feel the tip of the thumbtack. Talk about the pain Jesus endured to show his love to you.
    • Aluminum foil: Read Hebrews 1:3. Shine a flashlight on the foil, and watch how it reflects off of it. Share ways you’ve seen God’s glory.
    • Tissue: Read Hebrews 2:18. Write your sufferings on the tissue. Then crumple it up and offer it to Jesus in a prayer.
    • Rubber band: Read Ephesians 3:18-19. Wrap the rubber band tight around a can. Then see how many other things you can fit in the rubber band, such as forks, spoons, pens, pencils, and other items. Talk about how God’s love never runs out.
    • String: Say, “Sometimes people tie string around their fingers to help them remember something.” Have everyone take turns tying the string around their finger and naming three things they’ve done wrong. When each person removes the string, read Isaiah 43:25.
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