12 Children’s Ministry Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Roses -text 2Love is in the air!
Valentine’s Day is here! If you are still searching for ideas to
use in your ministry, search no further. We’ve got you covered. A
few weeks ago, we came up with
7 Children’s Ministry Ideas for Valentine’s Day
. Now here are
five more ideas to add to the hopper, giving you a dozen
delightful, quick, and easy activities for Valentine’s Day.

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1. Stick With Love-
Using 2 John 1:5-6, this craft/lesson combo will teach that God
wants us to love one another. Kids will make friendship stickers
and discover ways they can show love to those around them.

2. Spreading Love- This
springtime lesson makes for a neat Valentine’s Day visualization
for younger kids. Let kids step in a baby pool full of talc-free
baby powder and make footprints everywhere (don’t worry, baby
powder vacuums up easily). Then remind kids that we can spread
God’s love everywhere we go.

3. Have a Heart- Here are a
couple of heart-themed surprises you can do and make with your
kids. Both are centered around the idea that God is love.

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4. A Hearty Snack- Make
snack time special with heart-shaped pretzels that your kids can
help shape. Running short on time? Go with regular pretzels and
show kids how it looks like two arms giving someone hug!

5. Living Valentines-
Know those heart-shaped candies with short messages on them? Here
is a quick lesson using them and 1 John 3:18. It’s a perfect way to
wrap up a Valentine-themed lesson.


Speaking of love, I have to say that we love
all of you in children’s ministry. It’s amazing how much of your
time and energy you spend with these little ones.

Feel free to share your tips and tricks for
Valentine’s Day in the comment section below!


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