10 Ways to Ensure Your Ministry Is a Success


Today we want to equip you with some simple, practical ways to turbocharge your ministry.
We’ve gathered some great advice from children’s ministry leaders
who’ve spent years in the trenches, and cut it up into bite-size
pieces of info that you can start using today! Here are 10 ways to
ensure your ministry is a success.

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  1. A Smooth Transition. Ensure new families feel
    comfortable as they enter your ministry. Prepare welcome packets
    that include a welcome letter, sample lessons, sign-up forms, and
    other important info. And have a time where staff and families can
    get together and hang out before a service so everyone can get
  2. The 3 R’s. Renew your spiritual batteries by
    staying connected to Jesus. Read about leadership, children’s
    ministry, and cultural issues. And reach…go to conferences and
    connect with other ministry leaders online to get fresh
  3. Engage Your Kids. By keeping your kids
    engaged, you can solve a lot of your discipline challenges. Keep
    your material age-appropriate and short enough to stay within kids’
    attention spans. And use different styles of learning to keep kids
    on their toes.
  4. Write Notes. A simple but meaningful way to
    reach out is to write notes. Even short notes can still carry the
    love of Jesus. Write notes to your kids and to your team of
    volunteers…they need love, too!
  5. Summer Daze. For ministries, summer can be
    tough. But, if done right, summer can bring a record number of kids
    into your ministry. Set up service trips or programs, do a summer
    series on something unique, go from a small-group format to a
    large-group format (so kids can get to know their new classmates),
    and don’t forget to make sure you and your team take vacation as
  6. Reach Out for Male Volunteers. It’s time we
    challenge more men to step up and get involved in children’s
    ministry. Make an intentional effort to enlist men, and ask them to
    lead your boys’ groups.
  7. Partner With Spiritual Leaders. Remember that
    parents are called to be their children’s spiritual leaders. Be on
    the lookout for ways to partner with them in their children’s
    spiritual journey.
  8. Know Your Season. As Ecclesiastes says, “For
    everything there is a season…” Know what season you’re in. It could
    be a time for planting; maybe it’s a time for pruning; or maybe
    it’s a time to celebrate the harvest.
  9. Do Background Checks. Consider the fact that 1
    out of every 10 adults who try to volunteer with kids has a
    criminal history. Make sure your ministry is protected with
    programs like Shepherd’s
  10. Hold Meetings. Staff meetings are a must.
    Figure out the best time for everyone, plan ahead so you don’t
    waste their time, include time for prayer and team-building, and
    review what works and what isn’t working. It will make a world of


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