10 Active Indoor Games



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A new twist on this favorite game shows kids that God’s blessings
are everywhere-all they need to do is look.

Bible Connect: Matthew 7:7; Romans 2:7

Stuff: You’ll need paper, pens, and a tray of
theme-related items such as office supplies, candy items, or craft
supplies. You’ll also need an assistant.

Play: Give each child a piece of paper and a pen. Tell
kids your assistant will walk around the room with a tray of items.
Kids’ task is to write down what they see (be precise with your
wording here). Have your assistant walk around the room with the
tray, allowing ample time for kids to write down the majority of
items on the tray.

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Once kids have viewed the tray, have your assist-ant leave the
room. Then tell kids they can use their notes or memories to answer
questions. Ask questions related to the assistant such as: What
color were his shoes? Was she wearing earrings? Was he wearing a

Then call your assist-ant back into the room to reveal the
answers. Kids will realize their focus on the tray contents was so
narrow that they missed the obvious.

Cool Down: Ask kids to discuss things they focus on, such
as fear, jealousy, or grades. Challenge kids to name things they
may miss out on when they focus on one thing or only on the
negative. Remind kids that when we focus on God first, we’re able
to see all he’s blessed us with each day.

Carolyn Briles

Los Alamos, New Mexico

A Hill of Beans

Use this “hill-of-beans” game to teach kids how lies destroy

Bible Connect: Proverbs 12:22; Ephesians 4:25

Stuff: You’ll need pint-size Mason jars with lids,
food-service gloves, and plastic tablecloths. You’ll also need one
pound of each of the following dried beans for each group of five:
black beans, red kidney beans, barley pearls, pinto beans, Great
Northern beans, navy beans, lentils, yellow split peas, green split
peas, and black-eyed peas.

Play: Form groups of five and give each group a pound of
each bean type. Place the tablecloths on the floor for each team’s
workspace. Have kids wear food-service gloves and on your signal,
work together to build the largest hill of beans in five minutes.
When time’s up, kids can gather the beans and fill the Mason jars.
Attach this recipe to the jar for kids to donate to a local food

Cool Down: Kids can discuss how building a hill of beans
is like or unlike telling a lot of lies. Talk about what happens
when lies pile up and how lying has negative consequences. Talk
about how lies break trust, and ask God to help kids be honest and

Apples and Oranges

This crazy game will help kids discover everyone is important in
God’s family.

Bible Connect: 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

Stuff: You’ll need an apple and an orange.

Play: Form a circle. One child will pass an apple to the
right around the circle. Another child will pass an orange to the
left around the circle. The key to this game is that kids can’t
pass the fruit with their hands. Kids can use their feet, elbows,
or knees to pass the fruit. If someone drops the fruit or it
touches the ground, the child must close his eyes to continue
playing. Play continues until only one person with his or her eyes
open remains.

Cool Down: Ask kids to talk about what was easy or
difficult about the game. Ask kids what it was like to play with
their eyes closed and how that affected the game. Help kids make
the connection between this game and God’s family. Celebrate
everyone’s contributions and emphasize everyone’s special role in
God’s family. cm


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