10 Active Indoor Games


10 active indoor games to help kids workout the squirm and grow in their faith.

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The cold winter months can make kids stircrazy. Stuck inside, they dream of a warmer season when they can run and play with endless energy outdoors. And then they enter your Sunday school classroom, after a week of being cooped up at school and home, with a God-given, wiggly case of the fidgets and squirms. So tap into
kids’ natural energy and exuberance with these active indoor games specially designed to let kids move while teaching them more about their faith.

Reaching for Hearts

Use this game to teach kids how important it is to support each other as Christians trying to spread the good news about Jesus.

Bible Connect: Mark 16:15; Romans 1:16

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Stuff: You’ll need candy bars and clear packing tape.

Play: Before kids arrive, tape candy bars onto the wall high enough so kids can’t reach them without standing on chairs.

Tell kids the object of the game is to reach the candy bars without the help of furniture or other people.

Let kids try to grab the candy bars. Once they’ve given up, have them form groups of three and work together to reach the candy bars. Two kids can form a step by locking their hands together and lifting the third person high enough to reach a candy bar for all three.

Cool Down: Ask kids to compare their first attempt to reach the candy bars with their second. Ask: What ways do you tell your friends about your faith? Why is it important to work together and support each other as Christians? How can you support a friend this week?

Stoyan Georgiev

Sofia, Bulgaria

Protect Me

This game teaches kids that it’s important to surround themselves
with good influences for protection from temptation.

Bible Connect: 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Corinthians 6:14

Play: Ask for two volunteers-one to be the Tempted and
the other the Temptor-in a group of no more than eight kids. The
object of the game is to protect the Tempted, who’ll stand in the
center of the group’s tight circle. The Temptor tries to tag the
child in the center by reaching through the circle. Kids in the
circle can maneuver to keep the Temptor out, but they must stay
locked arm-in-arm. When the Tempted gets tagged, new kids get to be
the Tempted and the Temptor.

Cool Down: Ask: How have you been tempted this past week?
How does having Christian friends’ support help you resist

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